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Think Safety Systems Safety Tool Box

The Safety Systems Tool Box Software has over 50 different Safety Tools (OHS/WHS electronic safety software programs).  Each Safety Tool in the Safety Systems Tool Box Software relates to hazards and their risks in a particular health and safety legislation, such as Manual Handling, Hazards and Risks, Construction, Fall Prevention, Safe Work Method Statements, Accident Investigation, etc.

Correctly completing each relevant electronic Safety Tool, normally in a one page format, highlights each relevant risk relating to health and safety legislation, and many by just clicking with a "yes" or "no" answers, or selecting from many drop down list, (which can be edited by the user), will ensure compliance with health and safety legislation, minimising the chances of an accident or incident in the workplace, and best of all, preventing a prosecution  of OHS/WHS Act and its Regulations by WorkSafe or a WorkSafe Inspector.

Our Safety Tools have no "bells or whistles" to justify its costs, each Safety Tool is basically like following a "bouncing ball", forms are formatted and  designed to keep recording information simple and without any effort.

All the health and safety data is stored within the Safety Systems Tool Box Software, on the employer's computer hard drive, normally the server hard drive, connected to the internet. All Safety Tools are password protected to ensure security of information.

We also provide all the assistance and training in the use of each Safety Tool, and this assistance is free over the internet, using TeamViewer software, and better still, the Safety Tools  are sold with a one upfront cost with no ongoing fees.

Safety Tools

Each Safety Tool has been designed and formulated, with FileMaker Pro data based software, and from information obtained in the OHS/WHS Act and the relevant Regulations (including Codes of Practice), and by correlating each risk requirements in each legislation, and formulating the information on an electronic document using the identified risks as a checklist. This enables employers, and those with the management and control of workplaces, to easily and quickly complete each checklist, by using a tablet or mobile phone at the job face. Recording health and safety at the work place, makes the managing of health and safety more achievable and cost effective.

Information about relevant risks and risk controls, being electronic recorded on a data based software system, can now be easily found, sorted and correlated into meaningful data, to ensure OHS/WHS  compliance, and a means of measuring status and statistical information relating to managing workplace health and safety systems.

Reasonably Practicable

We have a Safety Tool, named Reasonably Practicable, which assists employers, and other interested persons, to calculate, using a mathematical formula, to calculate and decide what is reasonably practicable, to legally manage the risk pursuant to the OHS/WHS Act.

Easy access to Safety Tools

Each Safety Tool can be accessed using an iPhone, iPad or a computer, which have an App especially designed to view, input data, find and sort health and safety information.

Brochure displaying all Safety Tools.

We have a PDF brochure which explains the reasons for developing each Safety Tool, and the safety legislation used to format each safety tool.  

Interested persons may request this brochure by contacting us.

Health and Safety Risk Management Services and Advice

  • Assistance in challenging  WorkSafe decisions
  • Interpretation of what is considered Reasonably Practicable relating to OHS compliance
  • Provide assurance against risks of WorkSafe intimidation and prosecution
  • Now with Australian Governments in the process of introducing manslaughter into OHS/WHS legislation, employers, and those with the management and control of workplaces, need to ensure there are appropriate written evidence  to prove compliance, and this action should start immediately, not after a workplace death.
  • Our Safety Tools would greatly assist in ensuring OHS/WHS compliance.

Getting prepared now.

Industrial Manslaughter

Industrial Manslaughter is being introduced into  Victoria under changes to the OHS Act 2004.

If you have the responsibility to management and control the workplace , then this new legislation should be taken very seriously to minimise the risks of a death in your workplace.

It will be your responsibility to prepare for the offence of industrial manslaughter by:

*  Reviewing OHS management systems;

*  Reviewing OHS leadership, attitudes and culture;

*  Reviewing due diligence for all directors and officers

    of the employer;

*  Review incident action plans as per the OHS Act


Think Safety Systems News

New Business Intergration

We at Think Safety Systems are pleased to advise our existing and new clients that, our business has negotiated an alliance with a large Australian organisation, who not only specialise in workplace health and safety, but are able to offer businesses with information and advice about employee management.

Our integration into the new business plan will ensure long term support for our existing and future clients to ensure all businesses will have access to information about workplace health and safety, employee management, which includes information about the Fair Work Act, undertaking rates of pay,  and the Modern Award systems.

With our new team on board, businesses will benefit from their experiences in managing WorkCover claims throughout the whole process, and be able to professionally represent you if required.

Our relationship with our new partners will extend our services to include protection against the financial burden of your business against prosecution and WorkCover claims management.

Learn More

Please do not hesitate in contacting us to find out more about our new partnership and what they, as a professional group,  can do for you.

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